Chic Digital Integrates and Leverages Social Media Mix to Build Corporate Brands and Generate Traffic


We @ Chic Digital

Run a consulting practice in Content Marketing that

1.  Researches and establishes insights into how Content Marketing can be used to

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive more traffic to client’s website or blog
  • Generate sales leads
  • Convert more leads into customers
  • Improve retention and drive upsell

2.  Innovates new ideas to leverage content to offer a greater value to our clients

3.  Works with the clients to leverage the power of Content Marketing to build and expand their businesses

Our engagements with the clients cover

  • Advising on how Content Marketing can be leveraged to strengthen their corporate brand
  • Designing and conducting campaigns using Content Marketing to achieve higher ROIs

Content Marketing – Strategy @ Chic Digital

Our Content Marketing Strategy in general is aimed at increasing/improving

  • Brand visibility
  • Brand reputation
  • Inbound Traffic
  • Customer Engagement

leading to higher conversions, customer acquisition and customer retention. It has a special focus on followers, who help to give a greater reach

We maximize  organic searches reducing on investments on paid searches. It has been found most effective Business to Business (B2B) marketers spend a higher percentage (39%) of their budgets on content marketing than their least effective peers do (16%).

What are Company’s Goals of Content Marketing?


Content Marketing – Business Expectations

Brand Awareness

Content Types

  • SlideShare Decks
  • Co-branded Content created in partnership with other organizations
  • Videos

KPIs for this Goals

  • Social shares
  • Views and shares from partnership audiences

Higher Visibility on
Search Engines

Content Types

  • Blog posts with calls to action, such as downloading a piece of content from a landing page
  • Social media posts that link to your site or blog
  • Outbrain or Taboola campaigns, which promote your blog content on other sites

KPIs for this Goals

  • Number of blog visits per month
  • Percentage of returning readers
  • Total number of website visits per month
  • Engaged time on site
  • Conversion rates for call-to-action content

Lead Generation

Content Types

  • Case studies
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Attention-catching graphics for retargeting campaigns
  • Infographicscomparing your customers’ success rates with those of your competitors

KPIs for this Goals

  • Lead-to-customer-conversion rate for each nurturing campaign or piece of content delivered
  • Average time to close for new customers
Content Marketing – A Snapshot

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Content  Marketing Effectiveness


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