Chic Digital Integrates and Leverages Social Media Mix to Build Corporate Brands and Generate Traffic


We @ Chic Digital

Run a consulting practice in Facebook that

1  Researches and establishes insights into how Facebook can be optimized to

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive more traffic to client’s website or blog
  • Generate sales leads

2 Innovates new ideas to leverage content to offer a greater value to our clients

3  Works with the clients to leverage the power and penetration of Facebook to build and expand their businesses

Our engagements with the clients cover

  • Advising on how Facebook can be best leveraged to strengthen their corporate brand
  • Designing and conducting campaigns using Facebook to achieve higher ROIs

Facebook – A Snapshot


How Can We Help you

1. Page Optimization

Complete Company Information

We stress providing complete business information comes off as professional, authoritative and trustworthy. We are also
particular about providing  your short description as your digital elevator pitch – summing up your mission in one sentence.
It is also important to provide Company Overview – summary of what your company is about. It is also a great place to
share related links to other social channels and pages on your website.

Reinforce Branding With Your Cover and Profile Photos

Cover photos have a high level of visibility on Facebook pages. We also make sure your cover photo is visually appealing
and high-resolution, and aligns with your brand’s style.  The picture should convey a clear intent. Rather than showing just
a painting on the Chic Wall, we opted to create a living room scenario to show how the painting will look in a given décor.


Add a Relevant Call to ion Button

If you haven’t already done so, specify a call to action (CTA) for your Facebook page. Make sure you choose a CTA that
best fits your purpose.

Your options include Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch
Video, Send Email, Learn More, and Request Appointment.

Pin Important Posts to the Top of Your Page

Pinning an important post to the top of your Facebook page lets you spotlight that post and boost visibility.

Create a Company Milestone Timeline on Your Page

Milestones are a special type of Facebook post that spotlights notable achievements and events from the past. This is a
great way to share your brand’s history and give some historical context for your company.

Create and Organize Page Tabs

Every Facebook page has basic tabs like About, Events, and Photos. However, by default, only four tabs are displayed.
Mean while, others are stacked beneath the More tab. If you want to prioritize your tabs, click Manage Tabs to edit them.

Optimizing a Facebook page for search engines

Choose a Name that “Google Likes”

Say the name of my site is and my name is John Kennedy, then I should consider choosing the
Facebook business page name as Shoez John Kennedy

The first word within your Facebook Business page title is given the most importance by Google.

Optimize your Facebook business page as you SEO your Website.

Include your Website’s address (URL) along with the keywords with-in your short description feature of Facebook. Your
Website’s link along with your short description will be shown, above the fold and, on the front of your Facebook business
page. The Website’s URL is clickable, making it easier for the users to switch to the website

The title of the Facebook page will be used as the Meta Title Tag and the short description will be used as the Meta
Descriptions Tag.

Create a Custom Facebook URL

Ensure that a brief 160 or less character description  is used for your business page so that the whole message is
displayed in the search engine’s snippet.

This is similar to using website’s meta description tag.

Optimize Facebook Business Page Status Updates for SEO

Consider placing keywords (including website link) within your photo descriptions, status updates and communications
with the other Facebook users. This will help boost your SEO efforts.

Google places a higher value on the first word in the update thus you may also consider making the first word relevant to
your website.

Include Your Phone Number and Address Within Your Facebook Page

To optimize your page for local searches, make sure to include your Address, City, State, and Zip code.

Application of Backlinks

The backlink principle that we use for search engine optimization also applies to the Facebook Business page, so, wherever
possible and appropriate, be sure to include a link back to your business page from other social networking sites, websites,
blogs, etc.

Design an Informative Facebook Page Cover

It is important to have a professionally designed and informative Facebook cover for your business page. It will not only make
it easier for you to convert your leads into customers.  It also pays to include website name and tagline on the cover image.

Make an arrow from the cover image to the “like button”.  This will bring focus on to this button, encouraging the visitors to

2. Drive Traffic



We come from the perspective that If we spend time every day growing our Facebook audience,  our  Facebook audience
could potentially transform our brand. One way of course is to jumpstart one’s Facebook growth by spending some money
on Facebook advertisements, but this growth will not be meaningful, if you are not organically growing traffic and taking
time to interact with your audience.

Driving Traffic from Facebook  to Website

We fully leverage content marketing  – regularly post articles and visuals on Facebook with buttons to direct traffic to  your
website, where you maybe more equipped to convert the traffic into sales. We write industry articles, blogs & news briefs
and create stunning visuals that entice the visitors to take the next step.

Advertising on Facebook is a great option to get paid traffic to your website. We help our clients select an appropriate ad
format as
well as help optimize ad creation .

Driving Traffic to Facebook

Promote Your Facebook Content On Your Other Social Media

You may like to promote your content to the audience that you have already built on other social sites by driving them to
your page on Facebook.

Promote Your Facebook Content On Your Blog

You may consider using WordPress plugins to display your content on Facebook directly on your blog. If your blog
visitors like your content, then they will be enticed to visit your Facebook Page to enjoy other content

Tell Your Email List About It

The people on your email list could be your biggest supporters. Send them regular mails enticing them to visit your
Facebook Page.

Participate In Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook Groups with your Page allows every comment or post you put in the Group to promote your Facebook

Shout Out Exchanges – A Collaborative Approach

One of the most underrated ways to get more Facebook Page likes is to do shout out exchanges with other Facebook
Pages. It is recommended that once your Facebook Page hits a number of 5000 likes, you should contact owners of similar
Facebook Pages and ask for a shout out exchange

Look At Your Page Insights

These Insights let you know the sweet spots for posting your comments. Choose these times to post to ensure they
spread farther and attract more engagements.

3. Customize Your Initiatives with Apps

We customize your existing Facebook Page to enhance the experience for your customers as well as provide greater
functionality at the same time. This translates to more visitors who interact with and share your content, which then
appears in their activity streams and is more virally discoverable. Facebook page customization can dramatically
increase your visibility, improve your branding, and create more leads and sales. We have summarized  below the
reasons why you should use apps to customize your initiatives


Facebook Social Apps Ecosystem

We help to select appropriate apps to integrate a functional solution that addresses our customer needs