Chic Digital Integrates and Leverages Social Media Mix to Build Corporate Brands and Generate Traffic


We @ Chic Digital

Run a consulting practice in Google Plus that

1.  Investigates and analyzes the impact of use of Google Plus on ROI

2.  Innovates new ideas to leverage Google Plus to achieve a higher ROI

3.  Engages with the clients to leverage the features of Google Plus to further their business interests.
Our engagements with clients cover

  • Advising on how well Google Plus can address their specific challenges
  • Designing and managing campaigns to achieve higher ROIs

Google Plus Snapshot

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Why Leverage Google Plus

What makes Google Plus a truly unique social media network is its ability to service both personal and
professional networking needs. The studies have also shown that daily updates on Google Plus directly
contributes to your site ranking on the Google Plus search engine.

We have identified some of the key drivers for using Google Plus as a social media platform

Allows to create communities (circles) and share content within the community and with the public

  • Encourages search through the topics to find communities that interest you.
  • Offers real time, live video chats – a great way to connect with other users

Connects with the potential customers

  • Use keywords related to your ideal customer and run searches in Google Plus within “people and
    pages.” When the people of your interest show up in the search, they can be then added to the
    designated circles. The keywords are hashtagged to run a search.

Helps to Position Yourself

  • You can position your industry expertise by sharing relevant content and advising on issues that
    are challenging those that you may consider are your potential clients

Engage with the experts

  • You can also follow experts in your business niche, network and engage with them on challenging
    issues or otherwise..

Google Plus Local Page

  • Google Plus offers a feature to create a local business page for local businesses and local presence,
    whose presence and content are favourably  searched in a Google Plus search.

Google Plus content gets indexed immediately and shows up in search results in Google search

Google Plus besides being a powerful SEO tool is also a great social media marketing tool. There are a
couple of ways you can increase your search results and have higher rankings using Google Plus.

  • Optimize Google Plus profile and business page – An optimized page helps you build a strong
    foundation for SEO success. Google favourably considers “on-page optimization” of Google Plus for search results.
  • Connect Google Plus to your website – There are a couple of different ways to connect your website
    to Google Plus – Add a Google Plus badge that links to your profile or you may put in a code on website that
    is not visible to the others.
How Chic Digital can help you
  • Create and optimize brand page
  • Create and build communities
  • Build engagements with the communities
  • Create and post visuals