Chic Digital Integrates and Leverages Social Media Mix to Build Corporate Brands and Generate Traffic


We @ Chic Digital

Run a consulting practice in Instagram that

1.  Researches and establishes insights into how Instagram is used by the businesses around the world to address their

2.  Innovates new ideas to leverage Instagram

3.  Works with the clients to leverage the power of Instagram to further their business interests. Our engagements with
them cover

  • Integrating Instagram with the website and Social Media Mix. The engagement may lead to establishing its Marketing Ecosystem
  • Advising on how well Instagram can address their specific issues
  • Designing and conducting campaigns to achieve positive ROIs


Instangram – A Snapshot



What Drives Instagram ?

Instagram dares, where English fails

Instagram dreads where English Fails 1000x667

Instagram is  specifically used  where the text fails and the power of visuals needs to be leveraged to communicate a

 Industries  have used  visuals to tell their stories



Favourite among the brands to strengthen their value

It is patronised by more than 80% of top brands. Top 50 of these brands posted 4.9 times per week on Instagram in 2016
, an increase of more than 50% over 2015


How Instagram helps further your business

Cool visuals can do the same job as 100 salespeople

The great thing here is that it allows you to share the day-to-day experiences of your business in an informal and casual
way – therefore giving a personal feel to your business. Instagram gives you the perfect opportunity to show customers
your personal side. By doing this you’ll not only make your business more personable, you’ll leave a lasting impression
on current and future customers.

Emotional Connection

Photos immediately convey emotional responses. You can easily use your posts to evoke powerful emotions in your
audience in order to produce the reactions you desire.  If you want to celebrate a milestone or achievement with
your audience, use posts that stimulate those emotions. Using the right emotional connection through your posts will
drastically increase your engagement and help you reach your goals.

Attract engaged traffic: Build a community that comes back time and time again

Another benefit of using Instagram pictures is that traffic that comes from these photos is super-engaged.  Instagram
drives more engaged traffic than any other social channel. Research shows that when comparing time on site from
various social channels, Instagram beats all other social platforms competing in this space

More engagements per follower – Literally free advertisement

A study by Forrester found that Instagram content generates 58 times more engagements per follower than Facebook
and 120 times more than Twitter. An Interesting content can earn you crazy levels of engagements with your audience.

Lesser competition for small businesses

An American Express Survey showed that only 2% of small businesses are currently embracing Instagram, giving them
an advantage over other platforms to reach their target audience far easier. The presence of brands in fact is helpful to
small businesses as the former help build trust among the viewership giving small businesses an opportunity to leverage
that trust

Reaching target market

If you’re targeting people born from 1980 to the early 1990s (the so called millennial) then Instagram is the place to
be as over 35% of people in this age group use Instagram. Those born after the early 1990s constitute 41% of its subscriber
base – giving 76% viewership of millennials and centinnials