Chic Digital Integrates and Leverages Social Media Mix to Build Corporate Brands and Generate Traffic


We @ Chic Digital

Run a consulting practice in Linkedin that

1.  Researches and establishes insights into how Linkedin can be used for

  • Establishing brands of small & medium sized corporations
  • Generating B2B leads

2. Innovates new ideas to leverage the penetration of Linkedin among the professionals to further the
business interests of our clients

3. Works with the clients to leverage the power of Linkedin to build and expand their businesses

Our engagements with the clients cover

  • Advising on how Linkedin can be leveraged to strengthen their corporate brand
  • Designing and conducting campaigns on Linkedin to achieve positive ROIs

Linkedin Snapshot


Why Leverage Linkedin?

Linkedin among the social media platforms stands out for generating B2B leads. Considering it is
indexed by Google, it is a also a great tool for enhancing SEO and inbound marketing performance

B2B conversions per social platform


How Best to Leverage Linkedin?

Among the three weapons available on Linkedin, namely  – Company Pages, Personal Profiles and
Discussion Groups, the last is most lethal.

Discussion Groups allow you to engage with the relevant potential customers as well as offers an
opportunity to establish yourself as a thought-leader and is a great channel to distribute content.
They offer conversion rate as high as 86.30%.


How Chic Digital Can Help You

Chic Digital can help strategize and  run the following initiatives

1.  Corporate Brand Building

Connect  you to the targeted audience

  • Linkedin offers access to the broadest possible community of professionals, and allows targeting
    them with precision. Chic Digital will use comprehensive targeting options to reach exactly the
    audience that is required.

Establish Thought Leadership

  • We create and establish thought leadership to engage and influence professionals

Native Ads

  • Strategically use native ads to capture the attention of the top corporate professionals to create
    brand awareness and influence their minds.

Proactively Work on Company Page

  • Build your company page around providing value to your target audience through a constant
    stream of rich and insightful content.  This will help to build engagements and develop a trusted
    relationship with your customers.

Actively Participate in Groups

  • We actively participate in relevant Linkedin groups to create and establish thought leadership to
    enforce your “point of views” by building a rapport with the other members.

2. B2B lead Generation

Why is Linkedin a leading B2B platform

  • LinkedIn is one of the most valuable channels for generating qualified B2B leads. It supports a large
    community of professionals that we leverage to target with precision.
  • The platform drives eighty percent of B2B social media leads. Companies such as HubSpot use
    LinkedIn to republish blog posts, maximizing the number of people reading and sharing their
    teams’ ideas.
  • LinkedIn is a perfect platform for publishing insightful and shareable content that is tailored to your
  • LinkedIn’s ability to provide potential buyers with information about you, your product, your brand,
    and your business helps to achieve a visitor-to-lead conversion rate that is 277% more effective than
    Facebook and Twitter. Give visitors the data they need to make an informed decision with these
    LinkedIn optimization tips for lead generation:

B2B lead generation strategy @ Chic Digital

  • Connect with your audience
  • Use relevant , personalized interactions, and creative content to make your page one that
    excites people and keeps them craving more.

Linkedin  Answers

  • Fully leverage this feature to add value and win over the potential customers. It offers a great
    opportunity to position one self as a helpful, knowledgeable, thought leader in the industry.
    This is sure to win followers, fans, and potential leads

Optimize your posts for conversion

  • We optimize posts for conversion, driving  the readers from whitepapers and articles to your
    company site, these are indeed qualified leads.

Mention other influencers

  • We mention and very fondly include mentors and colleagues in the posts, who are then likely to
    share those posts with their networks, expanding your content reach.

Politeness goes a long way

  • Reader comments to your posts are a perfect opportunity to initiate a human-to-human
    opportunity with an audience that matters. Depending upon the comment and especially
    who wrote it, you may consider to simply thank him or provide a thoughtful reply.  There is a
    good likelihood these readers will become your brand advocates as well as present your
    viewpoints to your potential customers.

Join groups where your customers hang out

  • It is best to focus on small groups that are relevant to your campaign to make an effective use of
    Linkedin. Engage the professionals by posting thought provoking ideas and use their network to
    further your reach. At times people are overwhelmed by your ideas that they are ready to go an
    extra mile of recommending to others.