Chic Digital Integrates and Leverages Social Media Mix to Build Corporate Brands and Generate Traffic


We @ Chic Digital

Run a consulting practice in Social Media Integration that

1.  Researches and establishes insights into how best to synergize different social media applications to

  • Strengthen corporate brand
  • Generate more traffic for the client

2.  Innovates  new ideas to lend greater value to our clients

3.  Consults to clients. Our engagements with the clients cover

  • Advising on how Social Media Integration can be best leveraged to achieve their business objectives
  • Integration of Social Media Mix with the corporate website and supporting social apps
  • Designing and conducting campaigns leveraging Social Media Integration to achieve the desired objectives

Social Media Integration

In a simple scenario social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+  are viewed as hubs that are integrated to
social apps to lend richer experience and greater functionality. In a more complex scenario, social media integration is
the syncing of multiple social media profiles on various social platforms and aligning their functionality with your company’s
main website or blog. This integration leverages the power and exposure of multiple social networks to multiplying web
traffic exponentially.

social media integration (3)

Chic Digital takes an integrated approach in establishing a social media integration framework consolidating Blogs, Social
Media, Search Engine Optimization and Email to help build a corporate brand, greater traffic and optimize customer
acquisition costs. The Website is the core of the integration framework.

Summing up social media integration can be considered at two levels

1.  Integration of social media platforms with the businesses processes

2.  Integration  among their social platforms as well as their integration with the corporate website and the supporting apps
to facilitate seamless automated business process

We have discussed below both the scenarios to give an insight into how we use these paltforms

1.  Integration  of a Social Media Platform with the Business processes

Twitter an effective Channel for Customer Service

Companies like Comcast and Network Solutions use its as a part of their customer service matrix  to respond to their
customer queries, feedback and concerns. Smaller companies too can exploit its potential to be more responsive as well keep
down their management cost

2.  Integration Among the Social Media Applications

Synergize Email with Social Media

Email and social media complement each other. Here are some ideas for how the two can be combined to multiply their
respective benefits

  • Include social media icons that link to your business social networks in email templates, to make it easy for readers to find you in social
  • Add social sharing buttons to email templates. That way, if someone likes your campaign all they have to do is click a button to share
    it with friends and followers.
  • Post email campaigns to social media. Some email marketing platforms include the ability to automate this process.
  • Convert social followers to email contacts.

Offer signup forms designed for use on Facebook are available on Email marketing platforms like Mad Mimi, MailChimp,
Constant Contact and iContact

Social Media + Market Research

The potential of market research is yet untapped in digital marketing. It is a good idea to ask what your customers and fans
think. One can use the consumer feedback to develop new products. One may also use CrowdCampaign to receive, collate and
analyse the consumer feedback

Carry Over other Types of Marketing Campaigns into Social Media

Contests, discounts, special offers, and seasonal promotions  are often used in email and other types of marketing campaigns.
One can synergize email with the social media mix. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn promoted posts to reach a larger audience.
  • Create a Facebook Page app or LinkedIn Showcase Page to call extra attention to the promotion.
  • Feature contest winners on social networks, and encourage them to share the mention with their friends and followers.

Create hashtags that support contests and promotions.

Use Customer Ratings and Reviews into your Website

Many ecommerce platforms come with customer rating and review functionality built in. For those that don’t, many third party application software are available, which can be integrated into product pages using a snippet of JavaScript or HTML code.

Syndicate Existing Content to Social Networks

Place content at places where it is more likely to be found including on content and social networks. Powerpoint decks may be
placed on Slideshare for public to freely access. The videos may also be loaded on YouTube. The other platforms available are
Photos for Flickr, documents on Scribd, professional posts on Linkedin and social posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram and Google+

Social Media + Live Events

Extend your event before and after it happens, using social media. Think Tweet-ups and other ways that social media can come
to life in three dimensions.

Integrate Social with Traditional Marketing with Campaign Hashtags

This is a common advertising practice among larger brands and it makes sense. It helps prospective customers identify themselves
based on topics of shared interest.