Chic Digital Integrates and Leverages Social Media Mix to Build Corporate Brands and Generate Traffic

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We @ Chic Digital

Run a consulting practice in Twitter that

1.  Develops insights into why people use Twitter and their experiences with it

2.  Innovates new ideas to leverage Twitter

3.  Engages with the clients to leverage the power of Twitter to further their business interests. Our engagements with them cover

  • Integration of Twitter with the website and Social Media Mix
  • Advising on how well Twitter can address their specific challenges
  • Designing and managing campaigns to achieve positive ROIs


Achieving Twitter’s  key Virtues




How Does Twitter Engage with Brands

Corporate Brand Building @ Twitter

Tweeting Strategy @ Chic Digital

Twitter gives the individuals and businesses the opportunity to  develop a “following” or target specific sites or individuals. One may  use Twitter to share social or business content with the followers who may share it further.  Chic Digital uses the following strategy to create and engage with a following

keep it short & focused

  • Best to tweet a single message

Use visuals in Tweets.

  • Visuals say a thousand words.
  • In fact, people are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that contain visuals

Incorporate relevant hashtags.

  • Helps to tap into relevant conversations.
  • Best practices recommend using no more than two hashtags per Tweet.

Ask questions and run polls.

  • Bring s readers into the conversation, and understand people’s opinions.
  • Tweet open-ended questions or use Twitter polls to survey on specific responses.

Curate and connect with retweets and replies.

  • Positive customer feedback, helpful articles, and messages that align with your business’s authentic voice are all impactful content to retweet.
  • Avoid long exchanges, switch to direct messaging to resolve any complex issues