Chic Digital Integrates and Leverages Social Media Mix to Build Corporate Brands and Generate Traffic


We @ Chic Digital

Run a consulting practice in YouTube that

1.  Develops insights into what drives YouTube and how the engagement experience can be improved.

2.  Researches what future does YouTube hold for us

3.  Creates a strategy that helps build exposure for YouTube videos.

4.  Creates videos that more effectively convert viewers into subscribers

5.  Assesses subscriber base and work to turn them into a dedicated online community.

YouTube Ecosystem

Picture1           Beauty Marketing Ecosystem @ YouTube

YouTube Lifestyle Segments – Gender Split


76%+ visitors come to YouTube for music and this has driven the evolution of massive ecosystem. This has given
an opportunity to millions of small businesses to show case their products and leverage this Ecosystem to further
their business interests

What Drives YouTube?

YouTube helps in creating personal and business channels and building communities around them.

More than just personal expression, these channels are ideal media to proliferate knowledge,

create awareness,  build identities and monetize

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, trailing only Google, it’s owner.

Because of the relationship between YouTube and Google, it’s important to optimize YouTube

strategies to achieve a high ranking during a content search to drive search traffic from YouTube

and Google to your videos.

YouTube Solidifying Its Status a Social Network Media

YouTube is now all set to leapfrog from just being a point to upload videos to a full blown social

media platform  like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It is also now allowing creators to comm-

unicate with their subscribers and channel visitors in more ways.

We have included some of the features and trends  that the You Tube users are likely to enjoy in

the coming quarters

Long-form television-style content

Longer formats so that YouTube has greater opportunity to offer ads and that too of longer durations

Quality over quantity

The fact that Google indexes its content has ushered a new trend towards offering content with quality

keywords to achieve higher ROI.

Improve broadcast quality

Need to produce high-quality and highly engaging video content will drive YouTube to buy a third-party

encoding software company like Telestream (which makes Wirecast), Switcher Studio, or

to help content producers.

Greater focus on educational content delivery

Short, specific and to the point 5 minutes or less demos, courses, and series that answer the viewers’


Longer engagements on mobiles

Mobiles are the preferred devices of the Millennial viewers to watch content for extended periods suggesting

YouTube to take steps to promote longer engagements and improve experience on mobile phones.

Increased socialization features improve YouTube engagement

YouTube lacks an engagement engine that freely allows the viewers to actually engage in conversations and

share content

YouTube may have to innovate an engagement engine that offers stickiness of other social media platforms

to help channel owners attract, retain, and engage their fans.

YouTube influencers

A more recent trend involves a brand collaborating with a YouTube influencer who will then share the product

through their videos in the form of a review,

product placement or trial. This allows the influencer to become an extension of the brand/product and generate

word of mouth advertisement.